Blind Descent is an open-world survival adventure game with co-op support for up to 4 players set in the Martian underground world.

The year 2071. You are a veteran Pathfinder working for the "Marsborn Mining Company". Your job is to explore the massive Martian caves and tunnels for the company.


You get a call from the company on your day off. They inform you that the Pioneer team responsible for the initial preparations for the new mining zone has been silent for more than two hours and you are called to duty to learn what is going on. So you and your team members descend by elevator ten miles underground to find the lost team.


Throughout the descent, your elevator crashes and only a few of you survive. Now you have no communication with the surface, and there is no sign of the lost pioneer team that you've been sent to. You start taking a few steps forward along the tunnel and see something you never expected.


A subterranean world right beneath Mars full of alien life, surrounded by dense jungles and bizarre weather.

Now your goal is to find traces of the missing team and discover the secrets of this huge underground world as you try to reach the surface again. However, be wary. It is going to be a very difficult journey. A tough struggle for survival in dangerous tunnels and caverns, with unfamiliar creatures ready to kill you at first sight.

Adapt, survive, and unfold the mysteries. Explore this vastly open world and enjoy a new survival experience alone or with up to four of your friends.

Both. Blind Descent is designed to be both singleplayer and multiplayer experience, up to 4 players support. Every story element within the singleplayer will also be playable in multiplayer.

There is no release date at the moment.

For now, we are only targeting Windows 10 64-bit on the Steam platform. But we also have plans to add console support after the game is released.

It is not possible for us to identify specific system requirements for now. The game is constantly changing and we haven't begun to optimize most of the content yet.

As we are in the development phase, only English is supported. However, we plan to add more language as we get closer to release. We also plan to release localization files for community translations if that's technically possible.

Blind Descent is being developed using Unreal Engine 4.

Unfortunately we are not hiring at the moment, but if that changes, the first place you can learn is the Pokuch website.