Blind Descent


Blind Descent is an open-world survival adventure game with co-op support up to 4 players set in the Martian underground world.

Blind Descent is a multiplayer open-world survival adventure game with up to 4 players, set in the year of 2071 when mankind begins the early steps of colonization on Mars. Find a way to ascend back to the surface from the undiscovered Mars underworld. Visit many different biomes and unforgiving caves, adapt and survive. Make sure you are ready for your next challenge! Invite your friends and enjoy the experience together!

In 2071, mankind’s urge to explore the unknown has drawn them far beyond Earth. Over one thousand people on Mars were taking the first steps to establish colonies for human life. However, colonization was not possible without the establishment of permanent habitats that had the potential for self-sustenance; habitats that were extremely difficult to build.

Many unmanned measuring devices were employed by scientists to discover important mineral deposits. At the end of the scans, it was found that one region was noteworthy; Aside from it’s bountiful resources, it was detected that there were numerous anomalies in the scans.

A new mine, ten miles deep, was opened by the Marsborn Mining Company in the region not too long ago. A handful of talented individuals were sent down to prepare for further discovery and mining operations. However, the team did not respond to the communication center’s calls after they descended.

After a lengthy period of no contact, you and a few other people are assigned to find the team that is not responding. The search operation to ten miles below the surface suddenly becomes a one-way trip due to an accident that occurred during the descent. Now you’re all alone in this harsh world, with no connection to the surface.

Discover the fate of the Pioneer Team you were sent to rescue, unfold the mysteries of this subterranean world and find a way to ascend back to the surface.

Absolutely! We’re trying to give players an enjoyable experience in single-player mode; we believe that both those who play in single-player and those who play in multiplayer will find the game equally entertaining!.

Yes! We will offer a Co-Op support that allows up to 4 people to play together.

There is no release date at the moment.

For now, we have plans to release on Steam/Windows OS. However, we also want to expand our supported platforms both in other operating systems and consoles in the future.

The game is still under development and not optimized yet. We are currently unable to share the system requirements.

Blind Descent is being developed using Unreal Engine 4!

Great news! For Blind Descent, we carefully read any suggestions. For now, we review your suggestions within our Discord group. Join our Discord group and share your suggestions with us!